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Beauty Made Easy: Beauty Tips by Glam Expert Tracy Balan

4 Dec
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10 Beauty Tips:
  1. Prevent frizz and speed up your drying time by using paper towel to wring water from your hair after shower. The paper won’t create as much friction as a towel, so you end up less frizzy. Also a paper towel absorbs more water than a cloth towel, speeding up your drying time.
  2.  When tweezing, make sure you soften your skin before you start by dabbing a cotton ball soaked in warm water or cream. When tweezing, do so in the direction of your hair’s growth.
  3. To stretch your hair color you can use DIY home glaze. Glazes fill holes and rough spots in your hair shafts, helping smooth your mane and putting moisture back into your hair. This  will keep your color shiny, bright and  lasting longer.
  4. Get moisture back into your skin in half the time by using hair conditioner to moisturize your hair and body. Just massage it in head to toe in the shower, rinse and dry. The conditioner will moisturize just as well as body lotion.
  5. If you run out of makeup remover, use body lotion or Olive oil with a cotton ball  to remove makeup. It also works well on tough mascara.
  6. Get more for your money, by applying styling products 10 minutes before you style. Whether you are curling, straightening, or doing an updo, applying product 10 minutes in advance helps it fully absorb into your hair.
  7. Refreshen makeup in a snap. Lightly mist your face with toner, then pat with a tissue. Finish up with a dusting of loose powder to seal everything back into place.
  8. A quick way to hide new growth or grey hair if you dont have time to get a color retouch. Simple use mascara if you have dark hair. For blondes or redheads try dusting your roots with eye shadow or bronzing powder then seal with hair spray.
  9. To get smoother result when shaving legs, wait until after your shower to shave. The steam softens hairs for closer shave and smoother results.
  10. Two tricks to stop flyaway hair. Spray Static Guard on your comb or brush.  Or you can yous a dryer sheet on your hair.
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10 Dec


Today you will learn that there is a science behind not getting touched by makeup. Yes the girl looks beautiful and her face is beat, but try not to hug her too close. To avoid her face from putting smudges over your nice white shirt of light colored

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Press Play Bloggers Appreciation

24 Oct


Last night was live in the Manhattan Studio near 34th street with fashion, music, fresh looks, beauty and lots of networking. Team execution’s Marie Driven threw an awesome appreciation party for bloggers like myself. The event was full of quality guests like Jack Thriller Continue reading

Makeup Tips

12 Aug


The best way to go Bold without looking like Ronald McDonald is to pick one face feature as your statement piece. If you are going with bold bright eye makeup than your lips should me simple. And if your lips is bold with ex. Bright red than your eyes should be neutral.  Remember less is more girls!!!

Get Glam Go Shop

7 Jun

I attended one of the hottest glam mixers on Sunday, 6/2/2013 at Karen’s Closet with Glam2luxe and Beautynhustle. The event was full of great makeup information, drinks, and beautiful people. Looking forward to the monthly gatherings at Karen’s Closet located on 984 Winthrop st. btwn Remsen and 91st street, Brooklyn, NY 

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Happy Bday Taraji P.Henson

11 Sep



She is an amazing actress and she also can sing! I do love and appreciate the talent that flows out of this wonderful and Barbieautiful woman. Taraji P. Henson Happy Birthday to you and many more!!!!!!

The Naked Roots Collection Invite

25 Jul

You are invited to be  amazed….. 21 and Older/classy Individuals are welcome!

The Naked Roots Collection is showcasing their collection tonight at the Sky room Rooftop on 40St between 8th and 9th avenues and Will be hosted by OCEAN Style Magazine. This Collection was created and designed by the one and only Eunika Simmons born out of Brooklyn, NY. This Collection has grown since last year and was featured in the JRG Bikini Under the Bridge this year. Don’t be left out, come tonight and see for yourself what The Naked Roots Collection is all about….. I know I will! 

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