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Special Causes: Project Bright For Senegal

24 Nov

Project Bright for Senegal implements after-school solution to Senegal’s illiteracy problem

 The Republic of Senegal, in West Africa—is about 76,000 square miles long and has an estimated population of about 13 million people. Its capital is Dakar, and the climate there—extremely tropical. Fish processing, phosphate mining and petroleum refining 7AwV3HlcBTp31lYepRykF1rXtJXO_aGDXb6Ksb-WxwSQM78AXfnUiZ-ebBVNB2ZOVxp3oJ5pAjhf4HjjzIryeK70=w443-h332-ncare a few of Senegal’s major industries; and sugarcane, cotton and mango are some of its admired cash crops. Most Senegalese are Sufi Muslims and French is their official language, but what many of you don’t know is—Senegal is plagued with a severe illiteracy problem.

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