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HBK Confessions: Beyonce’s Flawless Remix hmmmmmm

5 Aug

 I love me some Beyonce and Even Nicki but this collaboration was sorry to say but an epic fail! The beat and lyrics were all over the place and to me this just depreciated the value of Beyonce. I looked at Beyonce as someone that was on legendary status and now well… a joke. Nicki’s whole image has been a joke and it works for her. No shade thrown anyone’s way but I felt if Queen Bey would have chosen someone to create and share a hit record with, it would have been Continue reading



26 Jul

I was blessed by the voices of these 3 young boys in Brooklyn, NY and one happens to be my little cousin. I am so proud to see young black men doing positive things in the community. Make sure you follow them on every social outlet and share this video. Amazing voices!


Please like and follow them on Youtube: CM3 Music/ Soundcloud: _TheOfficialCM3/ Twitter: @_THEOFFICIALCM3/ Instagram: @_THEOFFICIALCM3


Haiti Happy | Pharrell Williams”

7 May

This video captures the happiness within the people of Haiti and the Genuine love Pharrell has for the country.  This song just is so, well Happy!


15 Apr

jenniferlopezdiddy30472611The unforgettable Ex is someone we all wish we could get over but can’t. Everyone knows the romance between Puffy and J.LO and how it ended. But as we ourselves fall in love and breakup, we know that the love never really disappears. As we live separate lives from the one we let get away, family and friends walk on egg shells trying not to mention their names. When the truth is that we still think about the unforgettable Ex that made us Continue reading


15 Apr










This new beauty and singer out in LA is DEQN SUE. I got the opportunity to interview DEQN SUE on April 14, 2014 even with me being in New York. You can get from the youthful singer that there is a humility and grace about her that the world desperately needs.

HBK: Do you think the Music Industry is missing a sound like yours?

DEQN SUE:YES! I think artists should always have their own voice and I like to flirt with keeping a musical balance of simple and classic with modern nuances.

HBK: Who do people usually compare your sound to? Continue reading


28 Mar

Talent in LA is growing!  The beautiful young and uniquely talented singer DeQn Sue currently performing in LA has granted me an exclusive interview with her. Stay tuned for that inside view but in the meantime view this short video she has put together for you!

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Watch “Beyonce Drunk In Love: Gospel Remix” on YouTube

18 Mar

This lady is the truth!

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