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FASHION DO OVERS: Re-Purposed Leg Warmers

13 Nov

1415910565792 So I have had these leg warmers for a while, but to be honest I had no intentions in wearing them on my legs. So since winter is approaching and my hands were getting cold, I decided to turn them into   Continue reading


A Dear Sandy Project

29 Oct

Many people who lived through this devastation can tell you how the struggle is not over but they are still standing. Yadestiny Treasure Chest has put together a video documenting survivors of Super Storm Sandy in Brooklyn, NY. You may check out the nonprofit and see how you can help their mission www.yadestinytreasurechest.org  Check out the Video made to Sandy below:




18 Jun

hair glue

It’s time we talked about the effects of glue ins and who uses it. Well, as a licensed professional  hair stylist I have learned a lot about the horrible effects of using hair glue. In the past, I have used hair glue because it was cheaper and easier to do than sewing in extensions. Cheaper isn’t always cheaper in the long run though. After, much usage of glue I experienced hair loss and lots of glue residue in my hair and combs. It was the worst thing ever, especially in the summer!

Many stylist tell there clients that they have to use hair glue to lay their top tracks flat. That is a lie! If you are a skilled stylist and care for your clients’ hair, you will be able to braid small enough to make a weave install look and feel natural. I have ran into many clients, that have been told that glue is necessary and now when working with them they truly notice the difference and know the truth. The top of one of my client’s head was very short and experienced a lot of breakage from using an extensive amount of Continue reading


3 Jun

Hi, everyone I’m back with Part 3 of my first online date. for those of you who are reading about my first date for the first time I suggest you stop now and go back and read part 1 and 2 first. I promise I will wait for you to get up to speed………

Okay so as I left off and left you all hanging in Part 2, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking lol. My Swedish guy, stood there tall and watching me as I fixed my lips to answer his question: Do I want to come up? (Now guys some of you know me and how I am, but honestly I don’t even know myself…. so how do you think this played out? …. don’t drink and date, people.) Well, I looked at him, then to the door and back to him and said, “sure”. He of course, was happy and shocked at me agreeing to come up.  I really didn’t want the night to end, did I mention I didn’t see any red flags. Well, we walked up stairs in to the building, he took the lead towards his apartment door.

He unlocked the door and we entered the high ceiling, wooden floor apartment. He introduced me to his roommate and his room mate’s girlfriend. I guess the fact that I went up stairs he might have thought he would be getting some chocolate loving, lmbo well not at all , because he escorted me straight to his room. I seen a single chair near a dresser facing his bed. (duhduhdun). He took his shirt off….. Continue reading


2 Jun


This Saturday, May 31st  I made my way to the talented and beautiful Drama Queen‘s video release event in Harlem, NY. The spot was all the way turned up as the Dj filled the space with some amazing dance tunes. The setup was definitely Jamaican style, with little flags as decor. As the crowd grew, I met up with Lyfe Style Music group’s very own Pablo (celebrity Stylist). I must say Drama Queen’s team was very much on it, greeting and raffling off sponsored gifts from Yard Girl Jewelry, Bellosa, Trendy Little Things and much more.photo 3 photo 2The ladies were in the building dressed to kill, especially Valerie, Drama Queen’s Publicist. I waited on the sideline until Drama Queen made her entrance. She arrived rocking her statement hair colored blue and turquoise, If anyone could pull it off it was Drama Queen. She looked amazing! photo 1As people took pictures at the step and repeat, the anticipation heightened for the performances and the release of the “Dem Nuh Like Me” video. If you were not able to make it to the event on Saturday you will be able to watch the exclusive video right here with me.


2 Jun

Thank you for taking this journey with me as I unload my experience for this date. If this is the first time you are reading along, I am posting my online dating experience with my first white man and he happens to be from Sweden. Well, as I left off in the first part of my first date, He took my hand in his and I melted. I kept my cool but I knew it was something about this guy that just made all thoughts about the past guys I dated  including my unforgettable ex, very much forgettable. Was there a specific time frame given for falling in love? Well, I wasn’t falling yet but I was darn nearly close to it. lol.

While we interrogated each other, I could fill my wine kicking in. I started to giggle and knew OMG I’m “nice”. Looking in his face, I was totally into his facial hair. Okay, no judgement here but I felt like I was on a job interview. I wore this one piece green silk jump suit, brown blazer and camel heels. He wore a black sweater, blue jeans and sneakers but some reason still came out looking proper. We talked about our families and how he was looking to move to Brooklyn. And yes I scream in my head ” Yes!” The more we talked about our past we realized we had so much in common. He never let my left hand go, by the way. There was a group of people sitting beside us that left and he took that as an opportunity to grab one of the free chairs to sit closer to me. Can you say smooth?

He asked me how I like my Rose wine and I said it was really good. He asked to taste it.  (I thought wth, this white Continue reading

Hot Jewelry

15 May


This custom handmade bracelet is the new love for Haitians everywhere!  This same bracelet I designed has been worn by the famous Wyclef Jean. And will be auctioned off on May 18th at the 4HNYC’s Helping Haiti happy hour event in NoHo NY. If you would like one before sunday too email haitianbarbiek@gmail.com right now! 

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