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HOT SPOTS: Jazz it up in Brooklyn with Antonio Hart

14 Dec



Bring 2015 in on a high note with Antonio Hart at the Emmanuel Baptist Church Jazz Vespers 

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One Ratchet Play

10 Oct

It’s been a very long time since I seen something so ratchet! Well, on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 I went to view the Release the Kraken. The play wanted to shine light on the most ratchet situations and the different people who were ratchet, they definitely succeeded. I always new that ratchet is not a skin color, but a life style and that’s exactly what the play exposed to its audience. There were tons of cursing so if you are a person like myself who tends to avoid vulgar language, I suggest you cover you ears when going out to see this play. There were some funny scenes; K. Michelle, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez skit cracked me up. At the end the cast, writer and director sat and spoke to the audience telling  us about their journey. I also spotted their Publicist Shirley Paul mingling with the show’s supporters. They totally released the Kraken!

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24 Jun

Just back to the dating board and right now I feel so drained and disappointed. My first online date did not go so well only because I felt the Swedish guy might have had a hidden agenda. If you have not read my last dates and how it has gone please check them out.. how ever, I must tell you since my last date I have been talking and messaging this Italian and Irish man who happens to live in Brooklyn, NY and 6 foot tall. I am only 5’5″ so I have been thinking is that really tall? Will I have to tip toe? Well, those are my thoughts. He began to message me in the morning at work, saying he thought of me and could wait to meet me. He would call me on his break and I thought that was so cute and felt like I was able to tell hime everything and anything.

This time I he offered to go to the movies and see 22 Jump Street, and I was quite pleased about the movies.. we mentioned the promenade in Brooklyn but I thought we could do that on another date. Our first date my third online date was coming soon and he was just as nervous or probably more. See I was the first black woman he will ever go out with, but he said it made no difference. Our date was Friday night and he was coming from work to meet me at the court street movie theatre. Since it was the movies I dressed comfortably in a Blazer, silk sleeveless top, fitted pants and flats. At 8:30 I headed for the Barclays to meet him there. When I ascended up the escalator out the train station I walked toward the Star bucks but notice no one was there. I thought to my self good, i’m first now I get to be the calm one. As I sat there, I looked around and decided to call him. Hey, are you close I asked. He responded, that he was there but walked off. ( Why would someone walk off knowing they are meeting some?) Well, I said I am here now so come back. as we were talking someone waved at me from a distance. I didn’t have my glasses and  looked confused. When she came closer I seen who it was and let out a surprised” Hey ! What’s up” He was still on the phone and since he was on his way I told him that I would call him back, I didn’t want to be rude to either of them.

After talking with my friend, I called him to see if he was close and he said, he had stopped walking when I hung up the phone. ( yeah, he stopped. Wth right) He explained that he felt like I blew him off for a male friend of mine. I told him it was a female friend from High School and I didn’t want to be rude by keeping him on the phone since he was suppose to be already walking to meet me. ( Some reason I feel like he was waiting around the side of the Barclays). He turned the corner and walked towards me, I must admit he did look a little different from what his picture displayed. He was much more slimmer than his pic. See my type of guy has a nice strong back and some smoothness to him. He gave me a hug and I could tell he was nervous. I was sort of speechless but I was still with an open mind. We walked towards the movie theatre, he looked down at me and said your not that short. I smile and said well you’re not that tall. The awkwardness was gone.

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Love ya!





30 Apr


Meet Our [Media] Sponsor @haitianbarbiek6 , a Jill of all trades. She is Lifestyle Blogger, Celebrity Hairstylist and founder of a nonprofit dedicated to serving the youth. ​When asked how she got started @haitianbarbiek6 replied, “I have always had a thing for spreading information about brands, giving advice and doing hair so I just researched how to do it professionally and jumped into it.” Thanks for partnering up with #4HNYC ! Be sure to join us 5.18.14 on Haitian Flag Day for our 3rd Annual Helping Haiti Happy Hour… The Day Party Edition to meet any of our sponsors. #HelpingHaiti #Haiti #MeetOurSponsor #Philanthropy #MakeADifference





HAIR: Indique Partner Stylist

22 Apr



15 Apr

jenniferlopezdiddy30472611The unforgettable Ex is someone we all wish we could get over but can’t. Everyone knows the romance between Puffy and J.LO and how it ended. But as we ourselves fall in love and breakup, we know that the love never really disappears. As we live separate lives from the one we let get away, family and friends walk on egg shells trying not to mention their names. When the truth is that we still think about the unforgettable Ex that made us Continue reading


31 Mar


While many people talk about it, Lyfe Style Music Group(LMG) was definitely about that life. On Friday, March 28, 2014 I served as press for the newly signed artists to LMG, Mike Dolla and Corduroy Jones’ Listening event held at Platinum Sounds Studio for ” Gone Fishin”. I have never been more proud to see a group of young talented men coming together in agreement to make beautiful music in this Era of hip-hop. With most of the group out of the hospital prior to the event, the event still went on without a glitch. The dedication was REAL, so real that Mike Dolla was released from the Emergency room just hours before the event , because “he couldn’t miss the event he worked so hard to help plan or let his team down”. Must say I admire him for that. The scene was dope, packed with executives, actors, singers, designers, fellow media outlets and the LMG family, just a blend of quality professionals. As I mingled with top names in the room like Marie Driven, Courtney J. and Kevin of Gifted Apparel NYC, both Mike Dolla and Corduroy Jones posed with friends and supporters before their sit down with Mara the Hip-Hop Socialite(host of the night). As the night progressed, Kori Williams LMG’s Public Relations Manager, directed the intimate group to the Studio’s Window where they were about to begin the interview followed by the Listening Session. A little behind schedule due to some minor unavoidable life alterations, didn’t effect the greatness of the tracks played “LA Girl”, Heisenberg” and “Top Shelf Life”. I was pleased to hear music with real punch lines and substance. The Music from the Gone Fishing Collab was effortless and I grasped each concept and lyric spoken. Besides the Music I blessed with a gift bag filled with items from Koff’i’s Jello Bar, ToyCloset, Success. Exclusiv Vodka also sponsored the event with catering from Social Concept Sun LTD…..one word Tasty! For my one on one interview with  Mike Dolla, Corduroy Jones and Mara the Hip-Hop Socialite just click here.

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