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2 Jun


This Saturday, May 31st  I made my way to the talented and beautiful Drama Queen‘s video release event in Harlem, NY. The spot was all the way turned up as the Dj filled the space with some amazing dance tunes. The setup was definitely Jamaican style, with little flags as decor. As the crowd grew, I met up with Lyfe Style Music group’s very own Pablo (celebrity Stylist). I must say Drama Queen’s team was very much on it, greeting and raffling off sponsored gifts from Yard Girl Jewelry, Bellosa, Trendy Little Things and much more.photo 3 photo 2The ladies were in the building dressed to kill, especially Valerie, Drama Queen’s Publicist. I waited on the sideline until Drama Queen made her entrance. She arrived rocking her statement hair colored blue and turquoise, If anyone could pull it off it was Drama Queen. She looked amazing! photo 1As people took pictures at the step and repeat, the anticipation heightened for the performances and the release of the “Dem Nuh Like Me” video. If you were not able to make it to the event on Saturday you will be able to watch the exclusive video right here with me.



31 Mar


While many people talk about it, Lyfe Style Music Group(LMG) was definitely about that life. On Friday, March 28, 2014 I served as press for the newly signed artists to LMG, Mike Dolla and Corduroy Jones’ Listening event held at Platinum Sounds Studio for ” Gone Fishin”. I have never been more proud to see a group of young talented men coming together in agreement to make beautiful music in this Era of hip-hop. With most of the group out of the hospital prior to the event, the event still went on without a glitch. The dedication was REAL, so real that Mike Dolla was released from the Emergency room just hours before the event , because “he couldn’t miss the event he worked so hard to help plan or let his team down”. Must say I admire him for that. The scene was dope, packed with executives, actors, singers, designers, fellow media outlets and the LMG family, just a blend of quality professionals. As I mingled with top names in the room like Marie Driven, Courtney J. and Kevin of Gifted Apparel NYC, both Mike Dolla and Corduroy Jones posed with friends and supporters before their sit down with Mara the Hip-Hop Socialite(host of the night). As the night progressed, Kori Williams LMG’s Public Relations Manager, directed the intimate group to the Studio’s Window where they were about to begin the interview followed by the Listening Session. A little behind schedule due to some minor unavoidable life alterations, didn’t effect the greatness of the tracks played “LA Girl”, Heisenberg” and “Top Shelf Life”. I was pleased to hear music with real punch lines and substance. The Music from the Gone Fishing Collab was effortless and I grasped each concept and lyric spoken. Besides the Music I blessed with a gift bag filled with items from Koff’i’s Jello Bar, ToyCloset, Success. Exclusiv Vodka also sponsored the event with catering from Social Concept Sun LTD…..one word Tasty! For my one on one interview with  Mike Dolla, Corduroy Jones and Mara the Hip-Hop Socialite just click here.


3 Feb

Have you ever said or heard someone say “niggas ain’t ish” well I beg the differ. First things when this is said usually it is supposed to mean that they are nothing so right away you can pin point a grammatical error. Anywho… people shy away from using the word Nigga because its such a disgusting word and some just can’t stop using the word to save their lives.

For those of us that shy away from the word, we understand that the word was created in a negative light to belittle and humilate the person that was called it. NIGGA means
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