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18 Dec

Wrap it up, just in time for Christmas!

This past Monday, 12/15/14 at 8 AM I tried out the wraps everyone have been raving about. I received a wrap from @wrapsragirlbestfriend to test out and see if it really works. And I must tell you…… I was skeptical about it and didn’t expect it to do anything but I was wrong. Once I put it on and wrapped it with Cling wrap around my stomach (my most stubborn area) I started to feel this sensation. I was like a cooling and tingling feeling happening on my stomach. After an Hour I removed the wrap, rubbed in the cream that was left on my stomach and drank water through out the day, for the next 3 days. It takes a whole 72 hours to see the complete results of the 1st wrap. I measured and took pictures of my self before, during and After. I lost 2 1/2 inches in 72 hours ladies and gents! Here are my pictures (And don’t laugh at my tummy 🙂 Thanks):

Untitled drawing

As you can tell this is not a paid promotion.. this actually works am I am now a believer!



27 Nov

Saturday, November 22, 2014 I had my 2nd session with Cameil Ross of Sealed Clutch and I just had to share this amazing workout. I have a issue with person trainers, because they are just so CRAZY! They never understand that you’re a beginner and they are never affordable. Well, I stand corrected…. this young lady Cameil Ross reached out to me through Instagram and I said okay why not. Since I am now on my Brooklyn Bridge Challenge I felt this could be a good add on to my workout journey.  And I am glad I did.

This Thanksgiving Ross is offering a Black Friday sale so don’t miss out @sealedclutch (This is not a paid advertisement) When you come across something amazing from someone so awesome, you should share the information with people you love!



5 Mar


When was the last time you treated your feet to some nice TLC? Are you neglecting the one thing that keeps you up and mobile? I have spoke to some people and come to the not so surprising information that most people forget to wash their feet in the shower. Yes, some people(not you right?) are soaping every part of their bodies except for their feet. During the Winter our feet are usually put away and never to be seen again until Vacations, Spring or Summer time. In the meantime our feet begin to suffer long walks and no breaks. We usually take our feet for granted, until the day it gives up or gives out on us.

Think about it …. most of us walk everyday, stick our feet in some uncomfortable shoes, step on hurtful objects and put the cheapest socks on that we can find. What if we didn’t have any feet? What would you do? How would you cope? If we could just take a few minutes out of your day to give ourselves a foot massage, our feet would feel so much better. Yes, its okay to touch yourself! If you don’t who will? You can find some house hold products to do a soothing foot relaxation, like sea salt, peanut butter, vaseline and/or just some lotion. Treat you feet right and they will take you anywhere you want to go. Peace love knowledge.

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14 Feb


While everyone is making googly eyes at eachother and spending money on things to showhow much they mean to eachother,  there are some couples that can say I love and be okay.  Yesterday and tomorrow becomes obsolete, voided of all love and only today February 14th is “I love you forever and always”. Why are there individuals that hate this day when alone? But love this day when they have someone? Honestly,  it should be the other way around.

When you have someone you go crazy trying to find the perfect gift. Whats not too cheap or not too expensive.  The questions fill your head, are they getting something for me? Could I afford to get them something?  If I don’t get a good gift will it ruin the relationship?  Meanwhile….

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3 Jan


This winter its already becoming very brutal in the streets and unfortunately to your body. Like the summer it is crucial to stay hydrated. With the winter season upon us it is important to drink lots of fluids and keep your body and lips moisturize. I speak from experience my lips are very noticeable and when they are chapped it ain’t pretty!  So I keep

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16 Dec

Working out isn’t easy at all but when you have the right look and fashion it can help you throughout your workout. I use to workout in sweats and always felt like giving up because I felt heavier. You wouldn’t believe what I did to keep me on my exercise goal.


I wore tights! The sexier your

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