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1 Jul

black history  africa


What is black history? Many people go to school and are taught that black history started as far back as slavery. This is not true. black history has the most influence on the history of America today. Did you know that Santa Claus is real and he is black? Saint Nicholas is indeed black and the facts are in Europe. Did you know that the first people to discover America was Africans? Yes Africans were all over the world building pyramids. Did you know that Buddha was also Black? This is taboo because its too much to talk about. People fail to realize the Egypt is in Africa and the true Egyptians were black. I am not talking about this because I think it about that time we start researching our real history and not buy what they are selling.

Black history is more than slavery, we are Kings and Queens of the riches land, Africa.


Thank you for reading I hope this doesn’t’ make you mad but hey the Truth does hurt.





24 Jun

metor card in use

Has anyone realized that more and more money is being spent on paying for Metro cards in NYC? Today I wanted to talk about the fact that wages are the same for the last 5 years but a monthly metro card has went from $30 to $104 and soon to go up again. what are we doing as a society, just sitting back and dying. Living from pay check to Pay check. By the way a weekly metro card is now $30, this is so crazy. The transit system will continue to win because we depend on the service they provide no matter how much it sucks. No security and clean anything! If people are subjected to pay so much every year, there should be more offered instead of interrupted weekend schedules and faulty signals. Bus drivers are not being supervised, if they were they wouldn’t be so late running behind each other causing a longer wait time. I don’t know about you but I actually read the bus schedule and rely on it.

I do agree with charging for new metro cards, because it does help decrease trash. People are holding on to their metro cards for dear life now. I just wanted to talk about something no one seems to mention anymore, Metro Cards. When it gets to be to much I will be walking or staying home.


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27 May

thinking guy

So many people avoid talking about their sexual preferences but they know that, that’s all they truly worry about. That sexy man over there that you are staring at, I am pretty sure you aren’t thinking “what a beautiful mind and heart he has” or that beautiful girl is not really making your brain stimulate. Human nature is a sexual nature. Yes, it is good to find someone who can keep us interested in a long meaningful conversation but it all boils down to …… can they satisfy my needs. How much do you really know about your partner? Are you aware of their fantasies? Some men and women cheat with people who won’t judge them for being freaks. Have you ever talked about what honestly turns you both on?

I think on first dates, topics like sex, children, religion and marriage should be discussed. Don’t regret later, what you can avoid right now. If you are a man who likes someone spanking you, using toys, ¬†getting oral, then state that from the start. If you are a woman who will not give oral, or loves giving and receiving oral, wants some foreplay etc.. let them know from the start. Don’t be shy, if this is what you like then they should too, and if they don’t then hey..you’ve just dodged a headache or cheating.

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20 May


Today’s Taboo Tuesday is the right to say NO. These days when someone asks you to do something or come somewhere, they don’t expect you to say no. This to me is not at all healthy for the person or the relationship, whether its a friend, co-worker or lover. Sometimes people are not in the mood and the best thing for them to say is NO. You don’t want someone who is grumpy at your event just putting a damper on the time. Or here is another scenario you haven’t seen or heard from someone in a longtime and they invite you to something, that you won’t know anyone at…do you go? Hell NO! lol sorry for the attitude but why put yourself in an uncomfortable situation? We all know they won’t be there to talk to you since they know everyone there. Some of you have been through the worst propositions and made the mistake of saying yes. Like going on a date with someone you are completely not attracted to, just to spare their feelings. What if they make a move, then what? Well, I here to tell you it’s definitely okay to say no and if they don’t get it say Hell to the NO! lol it usually works every time.


15 Apr

jenniferlopezdiddy30472611The unforgettable Ex is someone we all wish we could get over but can’t. Everyone knows the romance between Puffy and J.LO and how it ended. But as we ourselves fall in love and breakup, we know that the love never really disappears. As we live separate lives from the one we let get away, family and friends walk on egg shells trying not to mention their names. When the truth is that we still think about the unforgettable Ex that made us Continue reading


8 Apr


When we date as women we come off acting like we are perfect. How many women think its okay to use the bathroom in their boyfriend’s house. Well as I surveyed many women, I have found that most women are not comfortable with doing number 2 around their men. Even though its a normal and natural thing to do, we usually just like to keep that to ourselves. Men, just so you know yes women do use the bathroom.

I will like to share a time I had to go and I was at my boyfriend’s home.  Well, we were sleeping and when around 5am hit I knew he would be sleep. I woke up snuck into the bathroom, I finished  and I hopped in the shower to make it seem like that was the only thing I did. And that happened for the whole week I was there.

Just know that I’m not the only woman that hides the fact that she uses the bathroom.  There are some females that hold it in until they leave and go home. It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, taking a poop just isn’t something that is talked about.

If you can relate to this Taboo please comment and share!


1 Apr

bad breath

Your breath is kicking! Well, who really thinks they are able to tell someone that? Many people feel as if its rude to tell a friends, significant other or employer/employee that their breath makes their nose curl. I do feel like bad breath just kills the mood. Questions come to mind like: Don’t they have a tooth brush? Do they use tooth paste? How does the person they kiss deal with it? Can they smell their own breath? Yes, these are some of the same questions I have asked myself.

But the real question is how to get them to have better breath around you without hurting their feelings? Easy! Always bring extra gum or breath mints where ever you go and offer them some. If they refuse here’s how you do it:

You: Hey I just bought these new mints, suppose to last all day. I wanted to try them out. Try them I want your feed back.

Bad Breath Friend: Okay, let me try.


You: Its been a long day girl/man both of our breaths are hot, good thing I brought my mints. Here you go.

Bad Breath Friend: Fareal, well thanks, good looking out.

Try these tactics and let me know how successful you have been, Good Luck! and hope you no longer have a bad breath friend/Boss/Partner.


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