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24 Jun

Just back to the dating board and right now I feel so drained and disappointed. My first online date did not go so well only because I felt the Swedish guy might have had a hidden agenda. If you have not read my last dates and how it has gone please check them out.. how ever, I must tell you since my last date I have been talking and messaging this Italian and Irish man who happens to live in Brooklyn, NY and 6 foot tall. I am only 5’5″ so I have been thinking is that really tall? Will I have to tip toe? Well, those are my thoughts. He began to message me in the morning at work, saying he thought of me and could wait to meet me. He would call me on his break and I thought that was so cute and felt like I was able to tell hime everything and anything.

This time I he offered to go to the movies and see 22 Jump Street, and I was quite pleased about the movies.. we mentioned the promenade in Brooklyn but I thought we could do that on another date. Our first date my third online date was coming soon and he was just as nervous or probably more. See I was the first black woman he will ever go out with, but he said it made no difference. Our date was Friday night and he was coming from work to meet me at the court street movie theatre. Since it was the movies I dressed comfortably in a Blazer, silk sleeveless top, fitted pants and flats. At 8:30 I headed for the Barclays to meet him there. When I ascended up the escalator out the train station I walked toward the Star bucks but notice no one was there. I thought to my self good, i’m first now I get to be the calm one. As I sat there, I looked around and decided to call him. Hey, are you close I asked. He responded, that he was there but walked off. ( Why would someone walk off knowing they are meeting some?) Well, I said I am here now so come back. as we were talking someone waved at me from a distance. I didn’t have my glasses and  looked confused. When she came closer I seen who it was and let out a surprised” Hey ! What’s up” He was still on the phone and since he was on his way I told him that I would call him back, I didn’t want to be rude to either of them.

After talking with my friend, I called him to see if he was close and he said, he had stopped walking when I hung up the phone. ( yeah, he stopped. Wth right) He explained that he felt like I blew him off for a male friend of mine. I told him it was a female friend from High School and I didn’t want to be rude by keeping him on the phone since he was suppose to be already walking to meet me. ( Some reason I feel like he was waiting around the side of the Barclays). He turned the corner and walked towards me, I must admit he did look a little different from what his picture displayed. He was much more slimmer than his pic. See my type of guy has a nice strong back and some smoothness to him. He gave me a hug and I could tell he was nervous. I was sort of speechless but I was still with an open mind. We walked towards the movie theatre, he looked down at me and said your not that short. I smile and said well you’re not that tall. The awkwardness was gone.

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24 Jun

metor card in use

Has anyone realized that more and more money is being spent on paying for Metro cards in NYC? Today I wanted to talk about the fact that wages are the same for the last 5 years but a monthly metro card has went from $30 to $104 and soon to go up again. what are we doing as a society, just sitting back and dying. Living from pay check to Pay check. By the way a weekly metro card is now $30, this is so crazy. The transit system will continue to win because we depend on the service they provide no matter how much it sucks. No security and clean anything! If people are subjected to pay so much every year, there should be more offered instead of interrupted weekend schedules and faulty signals. Bus drivers are not being supervised, if they were they wouldn’t be so late running behind each other causing a longer wait time. I don’t know about you but I actually read the bus schedule and rely on it.

I do agree with charging for new metro cards, because it does help decrease trash. People are holding on to their metro cards for dear life now. I just wanted to talk about something no one seems to mention anymore, Metro Cards. When it gets to be to much I will be walking or staying home.


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4 Jun

Why is it so hard for people to just say how they feel? When was the last time you told your friends or fasmily members you loved them? The word Love is used rarley and when it is used, it’s used all wrong. Love is such an amazing feeling. It’s warm and just makes you want to give everything up for that person. Like Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, that’s what love is like. Being willing to die for someone or just standing up for them. I dare you to tell someone you love that you love them. And when is too early to tell someone you love them, without looking crazy? Well, I don’t think there should be a time, once you feel love you should be able to express it without being judged. However, with a world like  ours I would take percussion. You might just scare them off, so it’s better off to just keep it to yourself until the right moment.

I just think it’s just a shame that saying I love you is so taboo to say and really mean it. For more on Taboos check back on tuesday.




3 Jun

Hi, everyone I’m back with Part 3 of my first online date. for those of you who are reading about my first date for the first time I suggest you stop now and go back and read part 1 and 2 first. I promise I will wait for you to get up to speed………

Okay so as I left off and left you all hanging in Part 2, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking lol. My Swedish guy, stood there tall and watching me as I fixed my lips to answer his question: Do I want to come up? (Now guys some of you know me and how I am, but honestly I don’t even know myself…. so how do you think this played out? …. don’t drink and date, people.) Well, I looked at him, then to the door and back to him and said, “sure”. He of course, was happy and shocked at me agreeing to come up.  I really didn’t want the night to end, did I mention I didn’t see any red flags. Well, we walked up stairs in to the building, he took the lead towards his apartment door.

He unlocked the door and we entered the high ceiling, wooden floor apartment. He introduced me to his roommate and his room mate’s girlfriend. I guess the fact that I went up stairs he might have thought he would be getting some chocolate loving, lmbo well not at all , because he escorted me straight to his room. I seen a single chair near a dresser facing his bed. (duhduhdun). He took his shirt off….. Continue reading


27 May

thinking guy

So many people avoid talking about their sexual preferences but they know that, that’s all they truly worry about. That sexy man over there that you are staring at, I am pretty sure you aren’t thinking “what a beautiful mind and heart he has” or that beautiful girl is not really making your brain stimulate. Human nature is a sexual nature. Yes, it is good to find someone who can keep us interested in a long meaningful conversation but it all boils down to …… can they satisfy my needs. How much do you really know about your partner? Are you aware of their fantasies? Some men and women cheat with people who won’t judge them for being freaks. Have you ever talked about what honestly turns you both on?

I think on first dates, topics like sex, children, religion and marriage should be discussed. Don’t regret later, what you can avoid right now. If you are a man who likes someone spanking you, using toys,  getting oral, then state that from the start. If you are a woman who will not give oral, or loves giving and receiving oral, wants some foreplay etc.. let them know from the start. Don’t be shy, if this is what you like then they should too, and if they don’t then hey..you’ve just dodged a headache or cheating.

Hope you have found some good information today and be sure to check back each and every Tuesday for Taboo Topics. If you have a topic you would like me to blog about email me at haitianbarbiek@gmail.com or comment below.





29 Apr



This week I find that a lot of people don’t usually talk about online dating but many use it. I have recently had a discussion about online dating with a couple who have actually met off of the site OK Cupid. I once thought that online dating was for people that have low self esteem or just players. From talking with the couple, I have had a change of heart. They explained that it was very convenient for them to create an online profile that would help find an individual that matched their interests. Right now the couple is Continue reading

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