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1 Dec



Taboo Tuesday: White Men who love Black Women

25 Mar

Couple holding hands

Growing up I have always wondered about white men and what they thought about black women and now I have an idea of what it is? Well the one’s that love them some chocolate in their vanilla Swirl! I had the pleasure in asking a handful of White men that are into the Swirl life and was pleasantly surprised to find out what they felt about us black women. Though the questions were the same, the answers weren’t so much different. The men I asked were from all ages and background but one thing in common: they loved Black women.

The white men I have interviewed seem to always have been attracted to Women of Darker features. However, one white man from Austria said he wasn’t around any black women so he ¬†didn’t realize he had a thing for black women until he moved to New York. Well, New York would have that effect. I wanted to know if they felt it was a little difficult to talk to black women and if black women came off intimidating, but to my surprise each man said that black women are easy to talk to and were not at all intimidating. Hmmmm…. so why are so many black women labeled unapproachable by black men? Guess that’s another topic. If you have ever wondered what it is in black women that turns White men on its actually the same thing that turns black men off… their attitude! Yes, it’s that in your face, tell it like is, strong black women boldness. It’s funny that white men appreciate when you can just be real…ummm… food for thought. And, yes they like the fullness of our lips too!

White men who date black women are very bold, one should think. Why? well, they get talked about, harassed and have to defend themselves and their mixed families because they chose to be color blind. Most of the white men agreed that Scandal’s hot romance between Olivia Pope and Grant or Olivia Pope and Jake Bower seems to be shining some light on interracial dating. And hope to see more mixed couples. I must admit I was like I need me a Fitzgerald! Don’t Judge me.

Where can you find a white guy who’s into black women? Well, just about anywhere, living in New York especially. You can go to Whole foods or Trader Joes, Barnes and Noble, Star Bucks, the Park… well you get my point. It does help to smile and say hello anytime you see a cute white guy too. Some things you can do to make certain topics less awkward: laugh and brush it off, your love is worth more than to dwell on an ignorant comment. Oh yeah I also learned that it doesn’t matter any more if you are team natural, white men have come to the realization that white women wear extensions also.

I have been asked if I am into White guys and honestly why not? From my skin tone you can see clearly that I am not all Black and have been mixed. My GreatGrandmother happens to be Irish. How many black women and men are fully 100% black? So when someone questions me about dating outside my race, I simply say and what race is that? The human race? Have you seen me with something on all fours or wagging a tail? Its ridiculous that in 2014 people are still segregated and won’t admit it. How can we eliminate racism when we as black people still are “sticking to our own kind” or afraid to enter certain restaurants because they don’t see brown faces. The reason we are getting no where as a society is because we are too afraid of facing judgement. I am a black woman who have not dated a white man, but that does not say I am not interested.

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12 Mar

This new fashion of TV was created to showcase the different people within NY and what a typical day in their lives are like. This web-series is a way to share stories and bring the viewer into the world of the New Yorker. For more on this new Web-series check out their website www.ynytv.com and be sure to follow the Producer of this new winning web-series @faivenfeshazion


Good Bye Jane Hello Pope

1 Mar

Untitled drawing (1)

Tuesday nights for the last few months have been spent sitting in front of the television watching Being Mary Jane for most, but not for me. I would DVR every episode and watch it on Thursday or Friday without any commercial interruptions. Gabrielle Union is an outstanding actress but this show has been one the most ridiculous shows ever aired since Single Ladies. First things, the show has not been at all consistent or realistic. Is it only me but why does
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Face behind the Metal

22 Feb


If you have been wondering who is the mastermind behind the hottest metal fashion seen on Beyonce, the runways and event to grace BET, well it’s Laurel Dewitt. Who is Laurel Dewitt? You might be more familiar with the name “LaruelLuxe” designs . The passionate designer started off designing luxury Hand bags and pocket books but decided to take a venture into Metal fashion. A decision that was very successful in the fashion Industry, every body of every ethnicity was raving over her collection. Emulating some of African Egyptian fashion the Metal fashion was a hit and definitely a must have luxury. It shows that no matter the face behind the fashion, whether black or white, if it’s beautiful it will be received. It just so happens that the face behind this fashion is White. Laurel Dewitt you are an amazing designer and I truly wish all the blessings over you!


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Makings Of An Entrepreneur

19 Feb

I want to be an entrepreneur, but I can’t seem to figure out how. Well that’s a question many people ask themselves when they are stuck in a dead end job or career. sometimes the feeling of resentment and uncertainty fills us when this moment hits us. We see so many people doing it for themselves and we want it. They make it look good, so we want to do what it is they do. So we go after it and fail.

A successful entrepreneur doesn’t follow the crowd, he/she is usually a person with a solution to the current problem. The key isn’t to re-invent the wheel, it’s to find the broken wheel and fix it. Most entrepreneur have had an idea for weeks, months even years that they just felt that it was time to act on it. What people see are the smiles and celebrations but not the blood sweat and tears that comes along with entrepreneurial-ship. You don’t see the number of closed doors, empty bank accounts, failed
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25 Jan


What has the social media world come to? Where networking sites are turning into porno and hooking up sites. I remember when Facebook was designed to be a place where college students and professionals were the only ones who could sign up. Nowadays,  everyone and their grandkids are on it with names that are made up and posting about sex and violence.  To me Facebook should be called either Tits, Penises,  Viginia or A** book, fareal it’s a mess!

Don’t get me wrong there are people that still use the site for
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